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Pod Inn is the first capsule accommodation in Tasmania. Pod Inn has a mission that is to achieve hotel standard service while maintaining affordable prices.

The common area has plenty of power sockets for your electronics. Plenty of seating available in the area, whether you like a hard stool or a soft sofa. A kitchenette next to the common area where you can make yourself a cuppa.
Each male and female toilet has its own shower and toilet cubicles. We also provide powder room for ladies to get themselves ready for the adventure of the day. Laundry is also made available to our guests.

Your sleep is our first priority. Each of the Capsule beds of your choice has their own privacy blind or door. We provide comfortable mattress, pillow, and good quality quilt for you during your stay. Each of Capsule bed is fitted with hotel room essentials such as, reading lights, mirror, wall lights, USB charging ports and fan ventilation

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Bardzo dobry
112 recenzja/-e/-i
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Great location, and ample bathroom facilities. Pretty clean overall but some attention to detail needed. Discovered rubbish and tissues in my pod when I climbed in for the night. I’d usually go chat to a staff member rather than just complain but there was no one around/they’d gone for the evening. Otherwise really novel concept which is quite comfortable and ok value for money. Make sure you bring earplugs.
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Kobieta, 31-40
Very disappointed. On our first night we had two friends over, played music quietly and were talking. We were probably too loud and we appreciate this but instead of giving us any warning, the owner of the hostel opened our pod to tell us he would call the police out of the blue. We immediately apologised and left quietly. We were consequently asked to leave 2 days early from our stay. This reaction was disproportionate and ridiculous with no prior warning. The only saving grace was a refund.
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Mężczyzna, 18-24
I was unsure how this stay would go as I’m claustrophobic, but surprisingly I loved it. The pod was reasonably spacious and I didn’t feel cramped. It had different light settings and air conditioning inside. The only thing was that I couldn’t adjust the temperature itself inside the pod, only the strength of the air con. It also didn’t seem like a very social place as mostly everyone just stuck to their own thing. The bathrooms were mostly clean, and not a lot of stalls and showers, but I never had to wait
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Kobieta, 25-30


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    • Klimatyzacja
    • Gorący prysznic
    • Kuchnia
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    • Skrzynka bezpiecznego depozytu
    • Mikrofala
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    • Transfer z lotniska
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    • Przechowalnia bagażu
    • Autobus wahadłowy
    • Ochrona 24 godzin na dobę
    • Pokojówka
    • Recepcja (ograniczone godziny)
  • Rozrywka

    • Wi-Fi