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Termini Accommodation II, Rzym, Włochy
14 Sie 2017

Upon arrival at the door, I rang the doorbell that said "Termini accommodation" but nobody answered. I tried several times to no response. Thankfully I had cell service, (not sure what I would've done if I didn't) so I tried calling the number of the hostel through whatsapp. A woman answered and said that someone else would be there in a couple of minutes to let me in. Waited for about 30-45 minutes with my luggage, a man came up to us and walked us a few blocks away to a different entrance.

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Paris Namdemun Guesthouse, Paryż, Francja
25 Lip 2010

A very interesting experience- wake up calls at 7:30 and korean dinner.. very fun, but not like most hostels. Location is 15-20 minute walk from Metro.

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